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Richard Moon is Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law at the University of Windsor. His research focuses on freedom of expression and freedom of conscience and religion. He is the author of Putting Faith in Hate: When Religion is the Source or Target of Hate Speech (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2018), Freedom of Conscience and Religion (Irwin Law, 2014), The Constitutional Protection of Freedom of Expression (U of T Press, 2000), and Report to the Canadian Human Rights Commission Concerning Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Regulation of Hate Speech on the Internet (CHRC, 2008), editor of Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (UBC Press, 2008), co-editor of Religion and the Exercise of Public Authority (Hart/Bloomsbury, 2016) and contributing editor to Canadian Constitutional Law (3rd, 4th, and 5th editions) (Emond-Montgomery, 2006, 2010, 2016). He has been the recipient of both the law school and university-wide teaching awards as well as the Mary Lou Dietz Award for contributions to the advancement of equity in the university and community. He has held a number of academic positions including President of the Canadian Law and Society Assn. 

His recent publications can be found at his SSRN author's page:

Recent Publications​​

  • “Free Speech Controversies on Campus", Academic Matters (Fall, 2018)

  • “The Demise of Free Speech”,  Constitutional Forum (forthcoming, 2018).

  • Dolphin Delivery and the Court’s Loss of Confidence”, National Journal of Constitutional Law (forthcoming, 2018)

  • “Conscience in the Image of Religion” in John Adenitire (ed.), Religious Beliefs and Conscientious Exemptions in a Liberal State (Hart/Bloomsbury, 2018 forthcoming).

  • "Conscientious Objection, Pragmatic Accommodation, and Principled Adjudication", Oxford Journal of Law and Religion (2018) -

  • “What happens when the assumptions underlying our commitment to free speech no longer hold?” in Marie-Claude Najm Kobeh (ed.), La liberté d’expression et ses juges (Centre d'études des droits du monde arabe, 2018).

  • Putting Faith in Hate: When Religion is the Source or Target of Hate Speech, (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

  • "The Regulation of Blasphemy and Religious Insult in Canada” in Andras Koltay and Jeroen Temperman eds., Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression after the Charlie Hebdo Massacre (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

  • “Limits on Rights: The Marginal Role of Proportionality Analysis”, 50 Israel Law Review 1 (2017).

  • “The Requirement of Religious Neutrality: Civic Action and Institutional Autonomy” in B. Bussey and I. Benson, The Public and Private Place of Religion (Lexis-Nexus, 2017).

Recent Invited Presentations

  • "Masterpiece Bakery and Conscientious Objection", Seminar, Wayne State University, Detroit, February, 2019. 

  • "Campus Speech", Harry Crowe Foundation Conference - CAUT, Toronto, February, 2019.

  • “Hate in the Human Rights Context”, Canadian Human Rights Commission Consultation, Ottawa, November 2018.

  • “Free speech on Campus”,  FBS (Faculty Bargaining Services) Summit: Current Leadership Challenges in Higher Education, Montreal, October 2018. 

  • "Author Meets Critics: Panel on Putting Faith in Hate", Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto, March 2018 - Comments and Reponses:"Religious Accommodation and Conscientious Objection", Seminar, University of Leicester, Feb. 2018.

  • "In the Absence of s. 13 Where Do We Go Now", Panel, CIJA Conference: Combating Hate and Anti-Semitism", Toronto, Feb. 2018.

  • "The Ktuxana Decision and the Limits of Religious Freedom", Seminar, Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto, Feb. 2018.

  • "Public Forum on Free Speech and Academic Freedom on Campus", Speaker and Moderator, UBC, Jan. 2018.

In the News

Op-ed in Policy Options, "A Turning Point for Misogynist and Islamophobic Speech?", Feb. 19, 2019,

Comment in The Immanent Frame, "Religion and Hate Speech", Jan. 18, 2019,

Interviewed on CBC Toronto 6:00 Television News about Your Ward News hate speech conviction, Jan 24, 2019, 

Interviewed on CBC Radio Windsor about university free speech policies, Jan. 15, 2019,

Comment in the Toronto Star, Nov. 13, 2018 on why we should not give racists a platform to speak,

Quoted on Global News on-line about hate speech and the Pittsburgh shooting, Nov. 3, 2018

Comment in the The Conversation on the Crucifix in the Quebec legislature,, republished in the Hamilton Spectator, National Post, K-W Record, Penticton Herald and other papers.

Op-ed on the CBC website about the use of s.33 (the notwithstanding clause) of the Charter,

Comment in The Conversation, "How not to defend free speech" -  republ... in the Winnipeg Free Press, The National Post, the Hamilton Spectator and other papers. 

Quoted in CTV website story about the Ontario court ruling that changes to City of Toronto muncipal election districts breached s. 2(b) of the Charter,

Interviewed on City tv News about s.33 (the notwithstanding clause) of the Charter,

Quoted in Lawyer's Daily about the the decision of TWU to end use of covenent, Aug. 17, 2018,

Quoted in the National Post about the decision of TWU to end use of covenant, Aug 15, 2018,

Quoted in Gazeta do Povo (Brazil) about the decision of Facebook and other platforms to remove objectionable content,  Aug. 10, 2018,

Quoted in the Toronto Star story about the regulation of content on an art installation at TTC subway station, July 6, 2018,

Quoted in Religion News Service (US) story about the Trinity Western decision, June 22, 2018,

Quoted in the National Post, What does Trinity Western's Supreme Court loss mean for the summer jobs attestation? June 18, 2018,

Quoted in the Globe & Mail about the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in the TWU law school accreditation cases, June 17, 2018

Quoted by the Supreme Court of Canada in Highwood Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (Judicial Committee) v. Wall, 2018 SCC 26.

Op-ed on the CBC website about separate school funding in Ontario, May 28, 2018,

Quoted in the National Post about the City of Hamilton's ban on the display of the anarchist symbol, May 25, 2018

Interviewed on CTV National News about recent incidents of neo-Nazi speech In Montreal,  (CTV Montreal News

Op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen, April 4, 2018, "Pope's refusal to apologize for residential schools evokes a past tragedy",

Quoted in the National Post, "Weaponization of free speech prompts talk of new hate speech law", Feb 8, 2018,

Quoted in the Globe and Mail,  "Ontario court rules doctors who oppose assisted death must refer patients", Feb. 1, 2018,

Quoted in the Globe and Mail, Jan. 5, 2018, "Assisted dying in religious facilities means tough choices for families",

Quoted in Global News, Jan 4, 2018,  "As Germany cracks down hard on on-line hate is Canada next?"


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