Richard Moon, Professor of Law



Richard Moon teaches both private and public law courses. His research focuses on freedom of expression and freedom of conscience and religion. He has written numerous articles and book chapters on these topics. He is also the author of The Constitutional Protection of Freedom of Expression (U of T Press, 2000) and Freedom of Conscience and Religion (Irwin Law, 2014), editor of Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (UBC Press, 2008), co-editor of Religion and the Exercise of Public Authority (Hart Publications, forthcoming) and contributing editor to Canadian Constitutional Law (3rd and 4th editions) (Emond-Montgomery, 2006, 2010). He wrote an influential report for the Canadian Human Rights Commisssion in 2008 - "The Regulation of Hate Speech on the Internet". He is currently completing work on a book entitled "Putting Faith in Hate: When religion is the subject or source of hate speech". He has been the recipient of both the law school and university-wide teaching awards as well as the Mary Lou Dietz Award for contributions to the advancement of equity in the university and community. He has held a variety of academic positions including President of the Canadian Law and Society Assn. 

His recent publications can be found at his SSRN author's page:

Recent Publications

Recent Invited Presentations

  • “Religion and Hate Speech”, Public Lecture sponsored by PEN Canada and the Ryerson Centre for Freedom of Expression, November 2015.

  • “Putting Faith in Hate”, City College, University of London, November 2015.

  • “The Myth of Balancing”, Constitutional Law Seminar Series, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, October 2015.

  • "The regulation of hate speech in Canada", Human Rights Forum, GlobalFest, Calgary Public Library, August 2015.

  • "State neutrality and Religious Prayers",  Oxford Journal of Legal Studies Conference, Oxford, June 2015.

  • "The Autonomy of Religious Institutions", Canadian Council of Christian Charities Roundtable, Toronto, June 2015.

  • "Free Speech and Charlie Hebdo", Panel, Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto, April 2015.

  • "Can We Accommodate Religious Objections to Same Sex Marriage?", Public Lecture, St. Jerome's University, Waterloo, March 2015. 


In the News

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