SoCA Gallery in the Armouries

SoCA Gallery


Exhibition Schedule 

Fall 2018

The Gallery is open Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

The Gallery is located at the north/University Avenue entrance to the Armouries, 37 University Avenue, East, Windsor.


Conceptual artist Iain Baxter&

Sept 10 - 19:

IAIN BAXTER& the &MAN - the POWER of &.


VABE alumnus Michael Pfaff with his award winning thesis

Sept 20 - 23:

Architectural Renderings, Miichael Pfaff, VABE ulumnus, M.Arch.


Sept 28:

Scott Chantler

Oct 1-7:

1st and 2nd year Visual Arts MFA student exhibition


Nov 16 -

SoCA Presents: Christine Sprengler

Dec 6-7: 

1st and 2nd year Visual Arts MFA student reviews

Dec 9 - 15:

Visual Arts BFA graduation show

Dec 16 - 22: 

Visual Arts MFA thesis exhibition, Anthony Saracino