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Michelle Shephard

Telling The Truth in a Post-Truth Era

Thursday February 29, 2024    5 P.M.

SoCA Armouries Performance Hall   37  University Avenue East

It's getting harder to sort fact from fiction, with the advent of AI and our declining attention spans, along with populist politicians who encourage partisanship in an increasingly divisive world.  Michelle Shephard's talk will consider how journalists and filmmakers can continue to tell stories that matter.
Michelle Shephard is an award-winning journalist, author, filmmaker, podcast host, and producer, recognized by the Governor-General's Michener Award for public service journalism.  During her two decades at the Toronto Star, she reported from more than 20 countries, including Somalia, Yemen, Syria,  and Pakistan, going behind the wire at the U.S. Naval prison Guantanamo Bay more than two dozen times.  Among her many projects across multiple media, Shephard is the co-director and producer of the Emmy-nominated and multi-award-winning documentary Guantanamo's Child (TIFF2015).


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