Information for Faculty & Staff

The University of Windsor strives to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for students with disabilities.

Faculty, together with the staff at SAS, play a critical role in fostering an environment that enables students with disabilities to fully realize their potential.

It is the responsibility of the University of Windsor to not only accommodate students with disabilities but to ensure the specific rights and entitlements which are guaranteed by:

These responsibilities are shared as we work together to address disability related issues and to establish policies and programs that are inclusive.

For more information about how the University supports accessibility and human rights, or, how faculty and staff may request accommodations as needed, please visit the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility.

All members of the University of Windsor community have a share a duty to accommodate students with disabilities whose needs have been duly assessed by Student Accessibility Services.

We invite faculty to review the SAS Instructor Handbook (PDF format), as well as the other resources including exam scheduling policies, student responsibilities and FAQ’s available throughout the SAS site.

To learn more about the variety of disabilities you will encounter in your classroom (and strategies for making your curriculum more accessible to all of your students), please visit the following websites:

Resources for Educators (Council of Ontario Universities)
Supporting Students With Disabilities