Exam Information for Instructors

We are grateful for faculty members, and, for their support and cooperation in the exam process. As SAS invigilates over 4,000 exams per academic year, your assistance and active involvement are essential to the successful administration of these exams.

Students have sole responsibility for filing their exam schedule with SAS prior to the published deadlines for the semester. The University of Windsor's policies on exams are adhered to when students are writing in SAS. Policies are also adhered to by SAS' proctors who undergo thorough training.

A comprehensive guide to student’s responsibilities in the exam process, as well as, SAS policies, and guidelines (including those related to reschedules), is available in the SAS Student Exam Handbook (PDF format). Information is also available in the SAS Faculty Handbook (PDF format).

Once an exam has been scheduled with SAS, instructors are asked to assist in the accommodation process in the following ways:

  • 7 days prior to scheduled test/exams, an email from will be sent to instructors requesting the test/exam
  • Exams must be submitted to SAS at least 48 hours in advance (including those being written on a Friday evening or Saturday)
  • All Monday exams must be submitted by Friday (preferably by 12:00 noon)
  • Please ensure that the Exam Receipt you receive with our request is completed and attached to the front of the envelope containing your exam
  • You may deliver exams in person (Room 117 Dillon Hall) or send them electronically (but please note that we can only accept Word or PDF formats
  • If delivering in-person, please provide exam books and Scantrons (as needed)
  • Before submitting the test/exam, it is recommended that you review the student’s letter of accommodations
  • If a student requires the use of text-to-voice technology (e.g. Kurzweil, JAWS, Zoom Text), please email the requested exam file as a Microsoft Word document (no PDFs please) to the Exam Coordinator
  • If you are providing audio or video content for an accommodated exam, please review the Digital Media Guidelines for Instructors' document (PDF format) to ensure that there are no problems opening and accessing your media files
  • While you are encouraged to visit SAS when a student is writing, should you be unable to do so, but, need to communicate with the student while the test / exam is taking place, please call proctor phone at ext. 3477
  • If you have any questions regarding the administration of exam in SAS, feel free to contact the Exam Coordinator (ext. 3463) or by email: