Lancer Leadership Conference

Lancer Leadership Conference

Do you have a leadership story to tell? Do you have experiences that you believe will help develop and inspire minds? Are you interested in improving your leadership skills, practicing public speaking, networking with other students, and sharing your experiences? Then you need to attend the Diversity in Leadership 2019 Conference at the University of Windsor.

The inaugural Lancer Leadership Conference will happen on Saturday, February 2, in the Alumni Auditorium. Let's work together to create a legacy, and be a part of something that truly has no limits. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, to not only share your vision, but also learn from others, meet new people, and hopefully have fun! This year's conference has three key takeways:


This is a high-energy conference for the students, by the students, to show that there is no age limit to becoming a great leader. Leadership has no age, gender, or ethnicity and the Diversity in Leadership conference aims to capitalize on these ideals. Be a part of this extraordinary new opportunity!​




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