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Our Vision and Mission

Our Mission

To empower positive change through regionally and globally engaged inquiry, learning, scholarship, creation, and research.

Our Vision

As a locally engaged, globally connected institution, the University of Windsor will enable people to transform their circumstances. As partners, leaders, and learners, we will engage in impactful research, relevant teaching, creative endeavours, and inclusive relationship building to foster positive change.

Our Values

Academic Excellence:

We strive for academic excellence in teaching, learning, research, scholarship, and creative activity. We encourage innovation and collaboration with local and global communities. Diverse ways of knowing, knowledge traditions, and ways of creating and disseminating knowledge enhance the richness of our academic pursuits.

Action on Indigenization, Truth, and Reconciliation

We have a responsibility to Indigenize and decolonize the University, and to make it a place where Indigenous staff, students, faculty, and community members feel supported, and where the impacts of intergenerational traumas are addressed. There is much to learn from Indigenous teachings and traditions and integrating Indigenous knowledge and values will improve our institution for everyone.

Community Impact

We are an anchor institution in our region, with the privilege and responsibility of living, learning, working, and creating partnerships here. We bring global perspectives, emerging knowledge, and leadership to the table as we address regional challenges together. Our impact is greatest when we all learn together.

Engagement with Students

We strive to be a place where all learners feel welcome, are included, and can succeed, and where students, staff, faculty, and communities work together to foster meaningful engagement and experiences. This requires us to ensure the student voice and aspirations are heard, and that we respond to those voices with compassion, care, and flexibility.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to working with on- and off-campus communities to ensure that climate action and environmental sustainability are integral to decision making. We are on a journey to greater sustainability, through innovation, reciprocal partnership, collaborative action, and shared learning and knowledge.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Decolonizing the University, ensuring justice, and embedding anti-oppression and anti-racism in our institution requires long-term care and commitment. An equity focus must be engrained in all our decision making in order to address the policies and practices that have oppressed and stigmatized members of our communities for too long.

Openness to Change

We have shown that we can adapt and be agile when necessary. Our challenge now is to translate temporary adaptations into sustained transformative evolution of the institution. Nimbleness, adaptability, creativity, and flexibility are institutional muscles we need to grow and develop. As an institution we need to evolve beyond the way we’ve always done things, be willing to take calculated risks, and continuously learn from our actions.

Prioritizing People

Our people are the foundation of all that we do. We are committed to becoming an institution that increasingly and consistently operates from a place of care, compassion, respect, humility, and empathy.


Trustworthiness is founded on accountability, transparency, honesty, and integrity. It requires us to thoughtfully measure and report our progress. Where we miss the mark, we will acknowledge it, learn from our missteps, and use what we learn to inform future approaches. As a public institution, we are accountable for our stewardship of public funds: financial sustainability is critical to fulfilling our mission.