Our Vision and Mission

Human male muscle body diagram

Homo sapiens—the quintessential animal model.

Human biology—the gold standard.

VISION—Promote the replacement of animals in Canadian biomedical research, education, and regulatory testing through 21st century science, innovation, and ethics.

MISSION—Serve as the Canadian leader and nexus to advance alternatives to animal testing through national and international academic, industry, government, and public interdisciplinary partnerships.

GOALS—Usher in a new era of research and innovation by developing, validating, and promoting non-animal alternatives via unique Research, Academic, and Regulatory initiatives.

  • Conduct hypothesis-driven fundamental biomedical Research using only human-based biomaterials and human biology-based methodologies;
  • Establish first-of-kind Academic programs in Animal Replacement Science to train the next generation of scientists, ethicists, regulators, and policy makers;
  • Expedite the development, validation, and Regulatory acceptance of alternative chemical safety testing methods in Canada and contribute to global efforts in a uniquely Canadian way.