Summer Experience Program (SEP) 2019

Summer Experience Program (SEP) 2019

The Summer Experience Program (SEP) has been launched for 2019.  The program provides Ontario students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience as well as career-related transferable skills that will assist students in their future career paths. Career Development & Experiential Learning at the University of Windsor will collect all of the job proposals and will submit up to five to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Approved positions will receive a maximum of $3,658.00 per position that fall within the ministry‚Äôs approved program allocation. The funding will cover 246.50 hours of work at minimum wage plus 6% for CPP and EI. Vacation pay or any paid sick time is not included.

How to apply for funding for summer students to be hired at the University of Windsor:

  • Application deadline is 8:30AM on Monday April 15th. Late applcations will not be considered. 
  • A completed job proposal form is to be emailed to by the deadline. 
  • If you plan on requesting funding for more than one position, you will need to fill out a new form for each position.
  • Funding decisions will be made by MTCU and communicated in early May.
  • Positions that request more than one placement may be reduced to one placement only if we receive more than the maximum of five proposals.

***All applications for positions at the University of Windsor must follow this process so that they may be submitted to the ministry as one. MTCU will only accept one application package from each eligible instittuion with up to five job proposals. If we receive more than 5 proposals, decisions on which ones to put forward will be made by the Executive Director, Experiential Learning. 

Program Eligibility Criteria:

Job proposals must meet all of the following program eligibility criteria:

  • SEP positions will last for a minimum period of 34 working days between May 1 and August 31, 2019
  • Hours of work will vary between 36.25 hours and 40 hours per week. Schedules will vary depending on the nature of the work.
  • All SEP employees will be paid at least at the provincial minimum wage rate per hour (currently $14).
  • The maximum funding ampunt of $3658 will only be paid for SEP employees that work the full contract length of 34 days or 246.50 hours. Funding for any SEP employee students taht work less than 246.50 hours will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis. 
  • There are no provisions for sick time or vacation pay. Any paid sick time or vacation pay/credits must be covered by the budget hiring the student.
  • Universities must pay the employees as per their student employee policies and can use their own funding to extend the duration of positions or increase the wage, but positions will not be funded beyond the maximum amount of $3,658.00 for each approved position. Funding is typically provided in December or January following the employment period.
  • Universities should ensure that program employees receive adequate orientation, training and opportunity to learn the duties of their jobs, as well as qualified supervision and assistance.
  • Supervisors will be required to submit employee information to a contact in Career Development & Experiential Learning, so that financial statements can be submitted no later than September 30, 2019.
  • Universities should advise the ministry if funds are no longer required.
  • Students will be paid hourly and timesheets must be submitted weekly to Payroll.

Students hired into positions approved for funding must:

  • Be eligible to work in Canada, possess a valid social insurance number and be 15-24 years of age on the first day of employment. Employees with a disability may be up to 29 years of age.
  • Be students currently enrolled or enrolled for the fall 2019 in a secondary or postsecondary institution, or within six months of graduation.
  • Live in Ontario during the summer 2019.
  • To work full-time during the summer months at the University of Windsor, students must have been registered in Winter 2019 and returning in Fall 2019. Students may not take any classes while working full time. 

Any questions can be directed to Kerri Zold in Career Development & Experiential Learning at or ext. 3559. 

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