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What is the Chaplaincy Network?

Chaplaincy Network Logo

The Chaplaincy Network is a multi-denominational Christian presence founded on the following principles for the University of Windsor Community in association with federated colleges: Assumption University, Canterbury College, and Iona College as well as community partners. We respond to the needs of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

The Chaplaincy Network’s purpose is to provide support and spiritual care for students, faculty, and staff. In order to support the personal and faith development of the campus community, we provide and promote a variety of services.

Founding Principles:

  1. Ecumenical Presence: We will represent an ecumenical, Christian presence to all on the university campus without proselytizing. We hope to meet the spiritual needs of the campus community and will do so without an agenda or pressure to convert or compromise a person’s beliefs.
  2. Unity: We believe it is important that the ministers, while in the space, provide a listening presence and self-identify only when specifically asked. Clergy and lay ministers will dress in manner that does not clearly identify them with a particular denomination.
  3. Openness to Dialogue: On a diverse campus we understand that there are wide spiritual needs. Our first goal is to establish an ecumenical outreach to the University of Windsor; however, we welcome the possibility of working with non-Christian groups on campus and engaging in interfaith dialogue.