Research at the SRCC


As the University is currently operating under an "essential services only" model, we are not currently offering in-person evaluations; however, if you believe you or someone you know may have sustained a concussion, please email us at and we would be happy to discuss alternative evaluation options for you. For further information about the University of Windsor and COVID-19, please see the University's dedicated COVID-19 portal. 

Current Research

At the University of Windsor’s Sport-Related Concussion Centre, we are involved in multiple efforts aimed at promoting greater understanding of best practice in concussion management and predictors of outcome following concussion.  Current projects include research with children, adolescents, and collegiate athletes who have sustained concussions, as well as projects investigating best practices for baseline and post-injury assessmet. Please visit Concussion Research Group to learn about the core faculty members responsible for this research. 

Get Involved in Research at the SRCC

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