architectural rendering Ron W. Ianni Faculty of Law BuildingRenovations to the Ron W. Ianni Faculty of Law Building will renew its spaces for teaching, research, advocacy and service.

Renovation to relocate Windsor Law into cross-campus clusters

Renovations to the Ron W. Ianni Faculty of Law Building will mean some short-term pain for long-term gain, dean of law Christopher Waters told students during a town hall session Monday.

Construction is scheduled to begin in Summer 2020, pending approval by the Board of Governors. During this period, nearly 800 Windsor Law students, faculty, and staff will temporarily relocate into “law clusters” around the rest of the campus.

“While this kind of dislocation is never easy, the result will make us all proud,” Dr. Waters said. “Meanwhile, please be assured that the administrative team, faculty, staff, and student government will work together to ensure that student needs are met throughout the process and that we maintain our strong sense of community.”

While there will be a few classes scheduled at the downtown campus — as there are currently — the bulk of classes will remain on main campus: in the Odette School of Business, Toldo Health Education Centre, and the Neal Education Building. Where classes are scheduled downtown, attention will be paid to leaving sufficient time to get to and from main campus.

A lounge dedicated to law students will likely be located in the CAW Student Centre, along with offices for the faculty’s student services, career services, and academic co-ordinators. Faculty and administrative staff will have space in Vanier Hall’s Winclare Room, and the deans’ offices will be located in Lambton Tower, close to the borrowed classroom spaces. The Leddy Library will accommodate the Law Library.

Planning has allowed for there to be no interruption to the academic year. Learn more on the Transforming Windsor Law project website.

—Rachelle Prince

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