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Transforming Windsor Law

When the Ron W. Ianni building was conceived, the architects had in mind a new kind of law school. The building was bold and its lines, materials and common spaces were meant to reflect “law as a social process.”

The building has served us well for many years but is showing its age. In 2018, Windsor Law’s 50th anniversary year presented an opportune time to rethink our space needs for teaching, research, advocacy and service in a renewed building and on a renewed University campus

It is exciting to conceive of a building that could serve Windsor Law for the next 50 years. Please explore the upcoming building transformation in this section of our website.

To help us plan for a transformed space, the Steering Committee has developed 5 guiding principles: 

  1. Create a welcoming and accessible place that instils pride in Windsor Law.
  2. Increase usable building space in a way that puts the student experience at the centre and that supports dynamic teaching, research, experiential learning and service.
  3. Design flexible and multi-purpose spaces that are forward-looking and open to change.
  4. Connect the building to our local Indigenous peoples, physical environment, heritage and communities.
  5. Promote environmental sustainability, health and well-being.

Funds raised to date: