Lauren Lopez holds clapboardLauren Lopez is one of the student leaders behind a new journal publishing research from the UWill Discover Conference.

Reception Friday to launch student research journal

The UWill Discover project team will launch the first edition of the UWill Discover Journal at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 27, at the Leddy Library Collaboratory.

The event promises a quiz competition about the UWill Discover project, selected presentations by award-winning students, and opportunities for people to learn about the 2024 edition of the UWill Discover Sustainable Futures events.

The journal features research conducted by the winners of the 2023 UWill Discover Conference and articles by special invitation. The UWill Discover Journal project is led by Tim Brunet, Pascal Calarco, and Outstanding Scholars Carol Adu-Bobie, Lauren Lopez, Deepashika Senaratne, and Lana Yacoub.

The journal publishes student works on which connects to Google Scholar and the OpenAIRE project, a socio-technical infrastructure for Open Scholarly Communication in Europe.

Sign up today to attend online or in person. To learn more about the UWill Discover team, visit the UWill Discover Journal and YouTube channel. 

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