youth orchestraThe Lab School fosters music exploration and skill enhancement among youth.

Lab School explores youth ensemble playing with strings or flute

The winter term of the University of Windsor Lab School: Strings and Flute is set to commence on Saturday, Feb. 10.

Crafted with the aim of fostering music exploration and skill enhancement among the youth of Windsor-Essex, this program invites participants to delve into various string instruments — violin, cello, viola, or string bass — and flute. In dynamic 60-minute group sessions, students will immerse themselves in the joy of playing their chosen instrument within an ensemble. The focus lies on ear training, improvisation, and composition, all while creating an environment that encourages meaningful social interactions.

This program extends its benefits to beginners, as well as students currently enrolled in private music lessons, and individuals learning strings or flute through their school. A partnership between the School of Creative Arts and Continuing Education, it serves as an enriching supplementary learning opportunity facilitated by UWindsor faculty.

The research component of this program delves into assessing how string education contributes to social benefits, well-being, cultural identification, integration, and a sense of belonging within the Canadian context. This ongoing research has contributed to the development of innovative pedagogies and skills in string and flute performance, shaping a deeper understanding of how music can play a pivotal role in our politics, society, and culture.

To learn more about the research, visit University of Windsor Lab School’s website.