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Nov 3rd, 2020

Professor Janice Waldron explores how social media affects music education in a new book for Oxford University Press.

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stacked game boxes: Cranium, Scrabble, Monopoly, Operation
Nov 3rd, 2020
An online trivia night Friday proved fun for UWindsor faculty and staff.
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woman's hand holding self-help book
Nov 3rd, 2020

A wellness tip offers some reminders to help cope with intense emotions.

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Prof. John Trant in lab
Nov 2nd, 2020

Biochemist John Trant is heading up a research team exploring the behaviours of disease-causing proteins.

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Noah Campbell, Mitra Mirhassani, Ikjot Saini
Nov 2nd, 2020

Noah Campbell, Mitra Mirhassani, and Ikjot Saini won awards from the APMA Institute for Automotive Cybersecurity.

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replica of the Two Row wampum belt
Nov 2nd, 2020

The Leddy Library invites patrons to explore a variety of resources relevant to Treaties Recognition Week.

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IHI Open School logo on graphic of computer
Nov 2nd, 2020

The Patient Safety Learning Series of virtual presentations opens today.

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arm getting flu shot
Nov 2nd, 2020

A clinic offers free flu vaccination, Nov. 11 in the Alumni Auditorium.

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Her Campus logo superimposed over line drawing of Ambassador Bridge
Nov 2nd, 2020

The University of Windsor chapter of Her Campus will hold bi-weekly sessions of a virtual student get-together.

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Volunteers from the International Student Centre hand out welcome kits Thursday outside Vanier Hall.
Oct 30th, 2020

The International Student Centre handed out welcome kits Thursday outside Vanier Hall.

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