billboard of UWindsor logoThe University of Windsor invites nominations and self-nominations until Nov. 8 to its new Anti-Racism Council.

Anti-racism council seeks nominations for members

As part of its commitment to challenging and dismantling systemic oppression, the University of Windsor invites nominations and self-nominations to the new UWindsor Anti-Racism Council.

The Anti-Racism Council will listen and learn from the experiences of racialized members of the UWindsor community in reviewing programs, pedagogical practices, policies, research, and other areas to identify concrete actions to redress racism and support anti-oppressive practices.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members are invited to nominate or self-nominate to the council, whose membership will reflect the diversity of racialized communities on campus and the intersectionality of identities and backgrounds that impact their experiences. The council will serve as a sounding board for anti-racism policy and practice and an advisory group to the offices of the Director of Anti-Racism Organizational Change and the Vice-President of People, Equity, and Inclusion.

Membership will prioritize the voices of racialized campus community members, and nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • Knowledge and understanding of issues of racism and systemic oppression;
  • Experience working on anti-racism issues;
  • Institutional knowledge;
  • Activism in the community on racial justice, anti-racism, and equity issues;
  • Commitment and accountability to a collective process;
  • Skills in listening, analyzing, and learning;
  • Ability to work in a team through consensus decision-making;
  • Availability and willingness to attend meetings at least once a month, and more frequently if required by the Anti-Racism Council.

Four students, seven non-administrative staff, seven faculty, one alumni representative, and one community representative will make up the council, which will be co-chaired by Marium Tolson-Murtty, director of anti-racism organizational change.

Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, Nov. 8.

To access the nomination form, or for more information, visit the Anti-Racism Council website.