Julie Sando

Julie SandoVisual arts instructor Julie Sando is shown here in the Leddy Library holding a copy of "Least Wanted" by Mark Michaelson. A collection of of various mug shots, it plays a central role in the film.

Documentary explores fascination with mug shot photos

When people get arrested and step in front of that camera for their mug shots, they may be at one of the lowest, most vulnerable points of their lives. So what is it about those images that make some people want to collect them, and perhaps even think about them as art objects?

That’s one of the central questions posed by a new documentary that a University of Windsor art instructor helped create.

Julie SandoJulie Sando types out On The Road for her exhibit called "Tapping Jack."

Visual artist reimagines Kerouac's "On The Road"

Beat generation writer Jack Kerouac often told the story about how after several years of mad travels across the United States, he wrote his classic novel On The Road in three weeks, typing continuously onto a 120-foot scroll of teletype paper that he cut to size and taped together.