computer displaying UWinsite Student systemAn update to UWinsite Student introduced improvements to the system, including a modernized appearance.

System update brings new look to UWinsite Student

One noticeable change to UWinsite Student following its major update — which includes the latest security-related features, fixes, and improvements — is the system’s modernized appearance. It now has a neutral background with refreshed icons and tile graphics, offering a sleeker interface.

Users may need to take an extra step to view the recent changes. Due to the way UWinsite Student caches information, users may need to completely clear their cache, close, and restart their browser, or use a browser in incognito or private window mode.

“Apart from the visual update, most of the work was done behind the scenes to bring UWinsite Student in line with the latest fixes, but the update also introduces some useful functional improvements,” says Lorraine Chandler, associate registrar, systems and records.

“Users can more readily switch between user identity profile types. This update is particularly helpful for students looking to change their major, as they can now easily access the applicant profile to view any updates related to their application.”

A useful new feature for administrators is the ability to search for a student using their preferred name. UWinsite Student will now return the search query with both primary name and the preferred name displayed. While it may look like two different student entries, the system has coupled the contact information in the back end.

The project team spanned many functional areas bringing expertise to Information Technology Services from the registrar’s, students accounts, and awards and financial aid offices.

“The dedicated individuals behind the UWinsite Student update worked hard to bring valuable enhancement to the system,” says John Osborne, assistant director of IT Services for business solutions and systems. “I’m extremely grateful for their commitment and to the users who were patient while the system was unavailable.”

For more detailed information about the system update, visit the dedicated UWinsite Student Update - July 2023 - Student Edition webpage.

As with any system update, some users may encounter an issue or need assistance while navigating the new changes. If this is the case, open a ticket and it will be routed to the right area for help.

Alisa Giroux-Souilliere