high school students in the Non-Profit Specialist High Skills Majors programCampus recently played host to the inaugural Non-Profit Specialist High Skills Majors Conference in collaboration with Greater Essex County District School Board.

Conference fosters skills for careers in non-profit sector

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (FAHSS) recently hosted the inaugural Non-Profit Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) Conference in collaboration with Greater Essex County District School Board.

“We hosted an SHSM Conference for arts and culture in early November, so when we were asked to collaborate on a brand new Non-Profit SHSM Conference, we wanted to deliver,” says Sheri Lowrie, FAHSS recruitment and outreach co-ordinator. “This was our first-ever Non-Profit SHSM Conference and unfolded as a full-day event, captivating the minds of over 100 enthusiastic Grade 11 and 12 students.”

The conference aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of non-profit work, offering a diverse range of workshop sessions led by faculty members from various disciplines. Attendees delved into critical topics such as “Ethical Issues in Research” facilitated by Jill Singleton-Jackson, “Equity and Inclusion” led by social work scholar Riham Al-Saadi, and “Understanding the Law” presented by political science faculty member Geoffrey Callaghan.

The event also placed a strong emphasis on holistic student development, with sessions from the Student Success and Leadership team. Students had the opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills in the “Speaking to Lead” workshop and participated in a discussion on student wellness.

FAHSS society leaders and student ambassadors took charge of an invigorating “Explore Campus” activity, injecting an element of fun into the event. Students raced around the campus, solving clues that not only showcased the vibrant campus life but also highlighted essential aspects such as the Leddy Library. Through this unique partnership, students gained insights into how to navigate the library’s resources, find books, and discover ideal study spots — a glimpse into a potential future as University of Windsor students.

“We believe that exposing students to the multifaceted world of non-profit work at this stage in their academic journey is invaluable,” said Dr. Singleton-Jackson, associate dean for the student experience. “The collaboration between our faculty and the Greater Essex County District School Board has allowed us to create an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning.”

The Non-Profit SHSM Conference not only provided students with valuable insights but fostered connections between aspiring students and the University. As the conference concluded, participants expressed their gratitude for the eye-opening experience, with many contemplating their future at the University of Windsor.

“The success of this inaugural event marks a promising beginning for the ongoing partnership between FAHSS and the Greater Essex County District School Board, setting the stage for future collaborations that enrich the educational journey of students in the region,” says Lowrie.

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