Tirupati Bolisetti reviews a student posterTirupati Bolisetti engages with a student presenter during World Water Day 2023. This year’s celebration is set for Friday, March 22.

Poster presentations invited to mark World Water Day

World Water Day is more than simply a commemoration, says civil and environmental engineering professor Tirupati Bolisetti: it’s a call to action, an opportunity to make a genuine impact in conservation and sustainability.

He is calling on students in any discipline to participate in a display of research posters on March 22. This year’s theme, “Water Peace,” highlights collaborative efforts to achieve harmony and sustainability in water management.

Posters should address one of these areas:

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Water resources and water quality
  • Nutrient loading in the Great Lakes
  • Water conflicts, economics, and public policy
  • Urban stormwater management
  • Climate change impacts and adaptation

“Your poster presentations have the potential to generate discussion, motivate action, and effect positive change in our communities and beyond,” Dr. Bolisetti says. “This is more than simply an academic exercise; it’s an opportunity to make a tangible difference.”

The event will run 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Telus Atrium, Centre for Engineering Innovation.

To participate, submit an abstract by Friday, March 15.