students dusting for fingerprintsA collaboration with computer science will allow forensics students to acquire skiils in information technology.

Stream of study to open forensic sciences to IT

A new stream of specialization for honours students in the Forensic Sciences program will enable them to learn to apply Information Technology in the field.

Program chair Shashi Jasra says many people are now storing and sharing information through digital media.

“With advancements in technology, there will be increased demand for the forensic professionals with expertise in this field,” says Dr. Jasra. “We are restructuring Forensic Sciences programs with an eye to current and future changes in the job market.”

Instructors in the School of Computer Science will teach the information technology courses.

The program has also added new courses: Advances in Human Identification; Bioterrorism; Food and Environmental Forensics; New Perspectives in Forensic Evidence Analysis; Forensic Medicine Toxins and Pathology; Forensic Serology and DNA Applications.

“We are continuing to collaborate with the other departments at the university in order to provide more relevant options to the forensic sciences’ students,” Jasra says.