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Opposites attract when forming cross-disciplinary research projects

As real-life social circles shrink, the Faculty of Science is looking to expand its research social circle with the 2020 Research Stimulus Fund program, Science Xcelerate.

The program is designed to encourage new cross-disciplinary projects involving Faculty of Science researchers. These projects can involve scientists working together from various Faculty of Science departments, or scientists connecting with researchers from other disciplines or even beyond the University.

“We are interested in accelerating new research ideas that connect researchers from across disciplines,” says Dan Mennill, associate dean, graduate studies and research. “We’ve already had interest from several unconventional research pairings. I am excited to find out what innovative, cross-disciplinary collaborations will arise from this program.”

The Office of Research and Innovation Services established the Research Stimulus Fund under the purview of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, to build upon research strengths, promote future research collaborations, and enhance graduate training and experiential learning. The fund is supported by Tri-Council money arising from grant holdings from science researchers over the past three years.

This year, the Faculty of Science will use a portion of its RSF allocation to support the RSF: Science Xcelerate program. The fund will likely support two or three projects with a flexible budget of approximately $25,000 per partnership, with an expected timeline of two years.

Dean of science Chris Houser, says the faculty is especially interested in funding projects that will lead to ongoing collaborations, and projects that will leverage support in future funding competitions from outside the University.

“This new collaborative opportunity is sure to spark exciting new ideas and with just our internal RSF: Science Xcelerate announcement, we’ve already had a fantastic response,” says Dr. Houser.

For application details, or for more information, go to the Faculty of Science’s funding for faculty webpage. Applications are due no later than Friday, Dec. 11, at noon.
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