Research Stimulus Fund


The University’s Strategic Priority Plan “Thinking Forward … Taking Action” calls for action to “create a more research-intensive university with graduate programs that build on academic and professional strengths”.  To facilitate this goal, the University Executive has created in 2013/14 a Research Stimulus Fund (RSF) with an initial annual budget of $500,000 under the purview of the Vice-President, Research.  The RSF’s mandate is to build upon research strengths; enhance future research funding, especially from the Tri-Council; and enhance graduate training and experiential learning.  Use of the RSF is to be tailored for specific Faculty, in accordance with its Tri-Council funding generated in the previous three years, and to be developed in partnership with the Dean.  The guiding principle is that research activities that will receive the highest priority for RSF support are those that have the greatest potentials for attracting additional funding to the University.

Annual Research Stimulus Fund Report

Below you will find .pdf archives of the University of Windsor Research Stimulus Fund reports: