Urooj Fatimah hands out lunchOPUS clerk Urooj Fatimah hands out lunch to students during the organization’s March 25 free pizza day.

Pizza giveaway draws grateful diners

It turns out students like pizza.

The Organization of Part-time University Students enjoyed a great turnout for its giveaway Friday, March 25, distributing a free lunch courtesy of the Campus Dental Centre.

The event was open to all UWindsor students. In addition to the food, OPUS members in attendance received a “Part-time and Proud” T-shirt.

“The best part is even though the initial number was for 50 participants, the total participation at the end was more than 120 people,” said master of management student Nafiz Imtiaz Noor. “Love the enthusiasm and warm approach from OPUS members. Keep it going!”

Nursing student Urooj Fatimah helped to check in registrants and hand out the food.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with other students and see their joyous smiles as they received their free lunch,” she said. “I look forward to a future filled with more on-campus experiences.”

OPUS hosted its first “free pizza Friday” in 2013, but had suspended them during the pandemic. Its staff was glad to see it return, and recipients felt much the same.

Macnath Ravichandran, a business major, offered a note of appreciation: “Thanks for the free pizza day — it was great overall and it induced the curiosity to know about OPUS and its activities!”