Nicole Noel, Natasha Wiebe, and Kate Rosser-Davies with bicyclesNicole Noel, Natasha Wiebe, and Kate Rosser-Davies of the Office of Research and Innovation Services are frequent bike commuters to campus.

Biking about more than saving the planet: cyclists

Bicycling is environmentally sound, but three members of the Research and Innovation Services staff who regularly commute to work by bike say it is a secondary consideration.

Nicole Noel, Kate Rosser-Davies, and Natasha Wiebe all own pedal-assist electric models they use to reach campus most days.

Dr. Wiebe says she enjoys the serenity of her ride of about 10 km, mostly along the riverfront.

“Windsor is still very much a car-centric city,” she says. “The quiet ride along the water, appreciating the animals and birds, puts me in a good space for the day.”

Rosser-Davies points out the bicycling is cheaper than driving.

“We were a two-car family but we sold one car to get e-bikes instead,” she says. “I don’t pay for gas; you save on auto insurance. You spend a fraction of the cost of a car.”

When Noel started commuting by bike while her partner stayed home on parental leave, she first assumed she needed to wear special clothing and gear.

“After about a week, it occurred to me that I could get an upright bike and it just changed riding for me,” she says. “It’s not a sport; it’s a way of getting around. Now I dress in my work clothes on my bike, including heels — they’re more comfortable pedaling than walking.”

Driving from her South Windsor home takes about 10 minutes, while biking adds 10 minutes — time she spends decompressing.

“I started to notice my mood lifting during the ride,” says Noel. “And I am getting a lot of exercise without having to go to the gym.”

All three appreciate that their office has a locked ground-level space where they can store their bikes and point out that cyclists must take precautions when sharing streets with motor vehicles.

“I always wear a helmet,” Rosser-Davies says, “because you only get one brain.”

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