Active Transportation

There are a variety of modes to get to campus; from cycling and walking to public transit and driving.

Find out details of getting to campus and possible bus routes.

Below is a list of various infrastructural features on campus to assist with using sustainable modes of transportation along with related programs. 

As of July 2023, the University will have 22 electric vehicle charging station ports located at:

Parking Lot Location EV Charging location  Number of EV charging Ports
Assumption Parking Lot Near South entrance/exit of building Two (2)
Education Parking Lot Southeast corner Four (4)
Engineering Parking Lot Northeast corner Four (4)
Parking Garage Ground level, near California Ave. Entrance/Exit Eight (8)
Toldo Lancer Centre Parking Lot South of main entrance doors Four (4)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to start a session?
    • Starting a session on the FLO Network is simple once you have created a FLO account and downloaded the FLO app.
    • Level 2 chargers: Using the mobile app, simply select the charging station you are looking to activate, press Start, and plug the connector into your vehicle. You can also tap your FLO card to the charger’s screen.
  • How long does it take to charge my vehicle?
    • Charging an EV depends on the vehicle and type of charger. There are currently Level 2 stations on campus, which can take between 3-4hours or up to 8hours to charge from empty.
  • How much will it cost to charge my vehicle?
    • The fee at the University of Windsor EV charging stations is $1.50 per hour (tentative). If using off campus charges, fees may vary.
  • Do I have to pay for parking?
    • Yes. If EV charging stations are in a ‘Pay and Display’ lot, you must pay for parking and then start your EV charging session. If you are in a gated lot, please make sure your hang tag is visible or you have paid for parking.  
  • EV Charging Etiquette
    • Pay attention to signage; if your vehicle is not an EV, do not park in designated EV parking spots
    • Charging spaces are for chargnig only. Designated EV parking spaces are not a 'resting place'; once your vehicle is charged, please move to another parking spot to allow other EV drivers access to the charging stations. 
    • Resist unplugging another vehicle 

The University of Windsor Bicycle User Group (BUG) supports bicycle users on our main and downtown campuses, and advocates for the needs of cyclists commuting to the University. We contribute to sustainability by encouraging bicycle use for commuting. We hope to make the University -and Windsor more generally - a more attractive place for cyclists!

The University of Windsor has a strong cycling community. Many faculty, staff, and students regularly cycle to campus. If you like to bike here every day, or only occasionally - or if you’d like to start? - you’re welcome to join this group!

The BUG advocates for improved cycling infrastructure through consultation with the university administration and the City of Windsor. We will stage events that draw attention to the needs of cyclists, and we will participate in community events such as Windsor’s Open Streets.

The BUG also will partner with local cycling groups. If your group would like to link with us, please contact us at

Need to find a place to lock your bicycle on campus? There are 48 bike racks on campus with spaces for 649 bikes!

Bike locks are available for students to rent from the UWSA office, CAW room 209. The cost to rent the bike lock is $20 per semester or $40 per academic year (8 months). You must return the lock to the UWSA office by 4:00pm on the last day of exams each respective semester. Watch this video to learn how to lock your bike correctly. This initiative is in partnership with UWSA.

A new Bike Shelter, strategically located between the Parking Garage and Joyce Entrepreneurship building, is now open and dedicated to providing a secure haven for cyclists. The facility allows campus members to access it conveniently through their UwinCARD at no cost. Inside the shelter also includes access to a bike Fixit station.

Bike Racks on Campus

Ontario's rules of the road and safety tips when cycling

Check out the Windsor Loop, a 42.5 km circular loop connecting the city to the Trans Canada Trail

fix it stationFix-it is a self-sustaining station that includes all the tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance for bicycles to all students, staff and faculty on campus. With the help of the Lancer Green Fund, the station is projected to be installed during Spring Bike Week.

This project will directly benefit the environment and sustainability efforts on campus by offsetting a percentage of our carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the number of automobiles on campus. It will assist in inspiring more of the campus community to choose cycling as a healthy, environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and fun method of commuting to and from school/work.

By allowing cyclists to perform simple repairs, they will cycle more efficiently and occasionally will be able to ‘ride home’ with a repaired bike instead of having to use another transportation means, should their bike become broken.

Pumps are also available at 2 other locations

  • Kerr House (WUFA), 366 Sunset Ave
  • Campus Community Police, Joyce Innovation Centre, the Sunset Ave entrance

UWindsor participates in Transit Windsor's Corporate ValuPass program.

UWindsor employees will soon receive a 15% discount on a 30-day adult smart pass. The pass is for unlimited use on the city transit system (tunnel bus excluded). It is the most economical way to travel.

Come back soon for program details and required application form


In 2016, University of Windsor students approved Windsor Transit UPass to be paid from student fees. The Ribbon Cutting for this new initiative took place on Sept 9, 2016, and has continued ever since.

Five Transit Windsor bus routes bring passengers to the University of Windsor campus:

  • Transway 1C
  • Crosstown 2
  • Central 3
  • South Windsor 7
  • 418X

free bus fare

ribbon cutting windsor transit