Chris Valka

UWindsor grads to carry on Catholic Campus Ministry

Two UWindsor grads working for Assumption University have pledged to carry on the work of Campus Ministry as chaplain Rev. Chris Valka prepares to take up a posting in Toronto.

“Campus Ministry will continue to provide a rich experience of spiritual, liturgical, educational, and social opportunities for students,” says Thomas Dula, faith formation coordinator.

Screen Free Day to mark University of Windsor’s first technology fast

Today—Friday, January 18—will mark the University’s first Screen Free Day: everyone is encouraged to turn off all devices that have a screen and use traditional methods instead of technology to get through the day.

Rev. Chris Valka of Campus Ministry says “Originally the event was going to be called ‘Turn off for Tolerance,’ but the name was changed when the event was made a part of Mental Health Awareness Week.”

Fourth-year concurrent education student J.C. Girard is also participating.

Students, faculty encouraged to tune out and turn off Friday

Smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets—being plugged in all the time can drive you crazy.

As a finale to Mental Health Awareness Week, Screen Free Day invites members of the UWindsor community to take a break from electronics on Friday, January 18.

The technology fast is a project of Campus Ministry, which has arranged other activities to keep people’s hands busy, including board games all day in the Assumption University lounge.

The heat is on: ways to keep cool on campus

Just one week into July, this summer’s temperatures are already breaking records. Don’t despair; services across campus offer ways to beat the heat.

The health and safety office counsels employees to avoid heat-related illnesses by keeping hydrated, taking breaks out of the sun, and wearing light clothing and appropriate headgear.

The University Bookstore stocks products that can help, says marketing manager Martin Deck.

Students empowered by community volunteer project

A commitment to helping the community and practicing their faith in a meaningful way gave a group of UWindsor students the impetus to devote two months this past summer to living and working as a group.

The Empower project, an initiative of Assumption University Campus Ministry, saw eight young people living rent and expense-free in a home paid for by Assumption University from mid-May to mid-July, in exchange for service to local community agencies and a willingness to develop a long-term strategy for community service in the west end of Windsor.