Facility Services

DailyNews to incorporate facilities notices

Facility Services has a new way to notify the campus about interruptions in service to campus buildings.

DailyNews will publish its announcements automatically alongside its news columns.

“This new system will allow facilities staff to issue updates by the minute,” says editor Kevin Johnson. “The department is responsible for the content of its messages and can change any notice to reflect the most current information.”

The facilities announcements are available for syndication across all UWindsor Web sites using the Drupal content management system.

Campus Transformation Plan to provide framework for next 50 years

The creation of a safe pedestrian esplanade on Sunset Avenue between Fanchette and Wyandotte streets is among the highlights of a Campus Transformation Plan to be discussed at a public open house event on Wednesday, September 19, from 4 to 7 p.m. in the CAW Centre’s Ambassador Auditorium.

The plan involves improvements already underway and proposed projects through 2015.

New signage to highlight campus improvements

Bearing the message “Here We Grow—another UWindsor improvement is underway,” new signs installed across campus will alert passersby to construction works, says Susan Mark, executive director of Facility Services.

“We have a number of projects on the go, from the temporary parking lot on the former Cody Hall site to the redesign of the Student Centre Courtyard,” Mark says. “We wanted a way to alert the University community that while the loss of access may pose a temporary inconvenience, it will soon result in tangible benefits for us all.”

Streetscaping to transform area between student centre, Dillon and Memorial halls

Work on a new streetscaping project located in front of the CAW Student Centre between Dillon and Memorial halls is scheduled to begin July 30, according to Dan Castellan, manager of facilities, planning, design and construction.

The Student Centre Courtyard, which will be jointly funded by the Universuity of Windsor Students’ Alliance and the University through its Strategic Priority Fund, will  re-imagine the existing space to make it more user-friendly and serve the ongoing use requirements of students, Castellan says.

Construction of temporary parking lot to begin Friday

Construction of a temporary parking lot on the former site of Cody Hall will begin on Friday, August 3, and is scheduled to be completed by September. Vehicles using the Assumption University parking lot may experience disruption due to the installation of new gates at its Huron Church Road entrance.

Please direct any questions or concerns to project administrator Mark Rudkin at 519-253-3000, ext. 2168.

The area is tentatively slated to revert to green space once construction of the parking structure on Wyandotte Street at Sunset is completed.