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Gordon Drake

Ghazal Lotfi and Sabrina GismondiCanterbury College residents Ghazal Lotfi and Sabrina Gismondi received Exam Survival Kits during Wednesday dinner.

Canterbury College offers exam survival help to residents

Kits distributed to residents of Canterbury College during its communal dinner Wednesday offered small items to help them get through the pending stresses of exams. Friends of Canterbury College, largely drawn from the local Anglican congregation, placed paper bags on a table filled with study supplies and convenience foods.

“They wanted to do something special for us,” says Sabrina Gismondi, who heads the college’s student council. “Administration knows we are going into a stressful time.”

Gordon DrakeGordon Drake is part of a team of physicists who determined the exact critical charge for two-electron atoms that form elements like helium.

Physicists settle great debate over two-electron atoms

Going back to the days of Sir Isaac Newton, there have always been certain problems of physics and mathematics that seem all-but unsolvable.

Many of those persist today, and the list is a lengthy one. What is dark matter made of? What causes a supernova to explode? Is there a grand unification theory, or a ‘theory of everything,’ which explains all fundamental physical constants?

Faculty members to join African mission

“Something as simple as an old pair of glasses could make a real difference to the children of Ghana,” says physics professor Gordon Drake.

He and his wife, nursing professor Mary Louise Drake, are among 16 local members of the Rotary Club who will travel to the west African nation in November on a mission to build and supply a school. Besides the school supplies, the group is seeking to bring eyeglasses, sunglasses, and mosquito netting.