Pierre Boulos

Dr. Andrew Allen, the 2015 recipient of the Mary Lou Dietz Equity Leadership Award. Dr. Andrew Allen, the 2015 recipient of the Mary Lou Dietz Equity Leadership Award.

Andrew Allen honoured for leadership, mentoring

For demonstrating leadership in equity through his teaching initiatives in Windsor and Tanzania, as well as his work to mentor and recruit students, Andrew Allen of the Faculty of Education recently received the 2015 Mary Lou Dietz Equity Leadership Award at Kerr House.

Created by the Faculty Association’s Status of Women, Diversity and Equity Action Committee (SWDEAC), the award was named for the late head of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology, and celebrates individuals who demonstrate leadership through their contributions to creating an equity culture on campus.

Awards recognize heart-warming contributions of University employees

It was cold in Windsor on Wednesday, but hearing testimonies to the winners of Employee Recognition Awards was enough to warm anyone’s heart, chief human resources officer Rita LaCivita told a reception gathered in Vanier Hall to honour the inaugural group of award recipients.

Reception to recognize and celebrate outstanding employee contributions

The Department of Human Resources invites the campus community to the first annual Employee Recognition Awards reception, Wednesday, January 23, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in Vanier Hall’s Winclare A.

This event has been designed to celebrate the outstanding contributions of all employees to the achievement of the University’s mission and vision, says chief human resources officer Rita LaCivita.

At this event, the Employee Recognition Program Awards will be presented to the following individuals/teams:

Med school instructor shares national teaching recognition

The recipient of a teaching award from the Canadian Association for Medical Education says she shares the achievement with her instructors in the University Teaching Certificate program offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

“I wish to thank Michael Potter and Pierre Boulos for all the probing introspective questions and feedback,” says Anna Farias, anatomy learning specialist in the Windsor program of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

She completed the first level of the certificate program and is among the first group to start the second level.

Lecture to explore Johannes Kepler’s philosophy of science

In 1588, Tycho Brahe and Nicolaus Raimarus Ursus each published works which advanced alternatives to both the geostatic and geocentric world systems of Aristotle and Ptolemy and to the geokinetic and heliocentric system of Copernicus. A controversy ensued over the authenticity of their systems, since they were remarkably similar.

A young mathematician-astronomer, Johannes Kepler, tried to resolve the conflict with his 1601 Apologia pro Tycho contra Ursum.