Vincent Georgie

Five Windsor Lancers still in the hunt for soccer club dream job

More than 200 candidates from across Canada entered the Toronto FC Dream Job Contest and of the 15 who advanced to the next round, five are from the University of Windsor.

“To have one-third of the candidates from the University of Windsor is truly a remarkably feat,” says Ryan McConnell, one of six graduate students in business professor Vincent Georgie’s advertising management course who have been promoting the contest.

Business students gets hands-on promotional experience with WIFF

Business student Dane Rife had a big problem. Tasked with promoting the Windsor International Film Festival to his fellow students, he was struggling with how to get around a rule that dictates posters can not be hung on the walls of the Odette Building.

The creative solution he proposed to his team: building their own wall.

“We went to Home Depot, got all the supplies, and put it together right there on the front lawn of Odette,” the fourth-year student said. “We had to do it fast because we didn’t know if we’d be allowed.”