book “The Fabric of Civilization”Students who sign up to participate in the Reading Liberty group will receive a free copy of Virginia Postrel’s “The Fabric of Civilization.”

Reading Liberty group primed to resume sessions

Led by professor Lydia Miljan, the Reading Liberty group gives students the opportunity to explore a set of readings on the intellectual underpinnings of a free society without the stress of grades or assignments.

The book for this semester is Virginia Postrel’s The Fabric of Civilization.

Textiles are one of humanity's oldest and most influential technologies, but nowadays most people take them for granted. Drawing on her widely praised new book The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World, author Virginia Postrel will take members on a tour of some of the innovations — in fibre, spinning, weaving, and dyeing — that gave us today’s textile abundance and the ways textiles shaped civilization as we know it.

Reading Liberty sessions create a space for active discussion with other intellectually engaged individuals and gives students from across the University a chance to achieve unusual depth and perspective on the classical liberal tradition that could not be achieved through solitary study. Reading Liberty is open to all UWindsor students interested in expanding their knowledge of the philosophical ideas of liberty.

As always, membership is free: just sign up and provide your details. You will be added to the Teams channel and will receive a book by mail. Sign up by Jan. 30 to ensure delivery of the book before the first meeting on Feb. 15. The author will join the discussion on March 22. The final meeting will be April 12. All meetings will be held from noon to 2 p.m. As a bonus, if the group is able to meet in person, a light lunch will be served.

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