DailyNews adopts new format

DailyNews, the University of Windsor’s e-newsletter, has adopted a new format and distribution platform in response to the outage of university systems.

“We have moved to Constant Contact and anticipate this will afford us the flexibility to better engage readers,” says Renée Trombley, executive director of Public Affairs and Communications.

“It is a powerful tool that will allow us to keep the campus informed while reaching out to new audiences.”

Editor Kevin Johnson calls the renewed publication a work-in-progress and invites feedback; share questions or comments by emailing dailynews@uwindsor.ca.

“We’ll continue to develop and refine the content and package as we go along,” he says. “I expect to make improvements as we hear from readers what they hope to see moving forward.”

DailyNews content will continue to be posted to the UWindsor website at uwindsor.ca/dailynews, which enables archiving and searching by date and topic, as well as aggregating related material from across the University’s web presence.

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