Mike McMahon stands with arms crossed in front of free weights.Mike McMahon, Lancer Recreation’s fitness co-ordinator, says kick-starting your day with a dynamic fitness class can improve your productivity and your mood.

Lancer Rec launches morning fitness classes for staff and faculty

Lancer Recreation has a way to kickstart your day.

Dynamic morning fitness classes for UWindsor faculty and staff begin July 3. The classes are included in a special two-month summer membership to the Toldo Lancer Centre priced at $79 for UWindsor employees and alumni.

“Time after time, studies have shown that exercise improves mood,” says Mike McMahon, Lancer Recreation fitness co-ordinator. “It’s also a fact that active individuals can increase their productivity by starting their day with exercise. These benefits transfer over into our personal lives as well. It’s a win-win for work and family life.”

McMahon practises what he preaches. He works out in the morning, too.

“We working professionals have to maximize our time at work and the easiest way to set yourself up for success is to move early in the day,” McMahon says.

The morning fitness classes begin at 7 a.m. and run for 45 minutes. They will be offered three days a week — Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays — until the end of August.

“We’re starting these up as a way for employees to connect with each other and reap the benefits of early morning activity,” McMahon says. “If you’re feeling tired and unmotivated during the day, this might be the solution.”

You can sign up here for a summer membership.