Justin Langlois

New interactive art project speaks to t-shirt culture

Making a New Year’s resolution is one thing, but emblazoning it on the front of a t-shirt to tell the rest of the world about how you’re planning to improve takes it to a whole new level of commitment, according to Justin Langlois.

“So often New Year’s resolutions become a token rather than something we invest in,” said the assistant professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and founding member of the artist collective known as Broken City Lab.

Student ideas to transform community being presented tomorrow

A group of extremely creative students will spend Wednesday afternoon speaking about turning big ideas into big improvements for their community.

Second and third-year students in the Ways of Doing: Practices of Civic Engagement class spent the semester working with local non-profit organizations and will present their plans on how to implement transformative new projects that will ultimately make Windsor-Essex a better place.

Artists engage community to spell out how to reimagine Windsor

A group of artists from the collective Broken City Lab were busily creating a new installation in a courtyard in Windsor’s downtown core Tuesday afternoon. Known as a ‘text intervention,’ it consisted of a series of 12-inch high styrofoam letters, placed vertically on the ground to spell out the phrase “Hello New Friends.”

It caught the attention of a passenger in a car cruising past on Ouellette Avenue, who stuck her head out the window and waved.

Prof's potentially controversial documentary to screen at film festival

If the role of a documentary filmmaker is to focus the lens on provocative and potentially incendiary subject matter, then Kim Nelson perfectly fits the part.

However, rather than imposing her own personal opinions on the controversial topics of immigration and multicultural assimilation in Germany, she takes a back seat in her film Berliner, allowing instead for the characters’ own personal stories to define the fundamental conflict there.