Admission Requirements

The IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning is a worldwide credential available to a worldwide audience of pre-service, new and experienced educators. Thus, our program is comprised of students with diverse backgrounds and teaching experiences. 

Students can be accepted as either an in-service teacher (e.g., practicing educator) or a pre-service teacher (meaning you are presently enrolled in an initial teacher training program).  The admission requirements and corresponding supporting documentation will vary based on your career stage and geographic location.  Students are granted admission to the program satisfy the following requirements:

1) Bachelor’s degree, AND one of the following:

2A) Have completed or are currently completing a recognized teaching qualification from any jurisdiction in the world.  OR

2B) A minimum of three years of teaching experience, confirmed by a letter(s) from your employer(s).

To be admitted to the program in the Diploma Programme (DP) stream, we require a copy of your undergraduate transcripts showing 10 half credits in your chosen specialization. To Learn more about DP specializations, please see the IEC for IB Frequently Asked Questions page.

To processes your admission to the program, we require proof of the above requirements, translated into English if needed. You may choose to send scanned documents to or we may receive mail at: 

Faculty of Education, University of Windsor
Attention: IB for IEC Qualification Programme
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4

If you have questions about eligibility we encourage you to contact us at should you have any questions. We will be eager to assist you through the process.