Explore Windsor Part II

Royal Canadian Air Force planes at Jackson Park

Windsor is also known, among other things, for its many parks in and near the city. For example, there is Jackson Park at 125 Tecumseh Road East. You can go there by bus, on foot or by bike. In the park, you can see different flowerbeds that look really beautiful, especially in the season when they bloom. You can also find various sculptures and monuments and also practise various sports in the park.  There is a basketball court, five ball fields, rugby and soccer fields, and a cricket field.

A Perfect day in good weather for a little walk with friends and enjoy the great weather in Windsor. 

flower bed and small fountain jackson parkFlower bed and a small fountain at the entrance of Jackson Park

astrolabium and sun dialAstrolabium & Sun Dial of M. Kopernik (Copernicus) at Jackson Park

Reaume Park 

Along Windsor's waterfront, you will find many small parks in which to relax.  Near the eastern end of the waterfront, you will find Reaume Park at 4714 Riverside Drive East.  If you have a bike, I recommend you ride your bike along the waterfront and explore all the parks.  You can make a little stop at each one or just ride along at your leisure. 

At Reaume Park, I personally loved the gardens and flowers.  There is also a Peace Fountain, but unfortunately, it was not operating when I visited, but I am told it is very nice.  

garden area overlooking detroit river Garden area in Reaume Park overlooking the Detroit Waterfront 

garden are overlooking water front

Ojibway Prairie Complex 

There are many different parks in Windsor that are perfect for a walk or bike ride. In Windsor, there is the Ojibway Prairie Complex, which also includes Ojibway Park, Black Oak Heritage Park, Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park, Spring Garden Natural Area, Oakwood Natural Area, and Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve. All parks are located between Sandwich and LaSalle.

black oak heritage park sign

Black Oak-Heritage Park for example is known for its bird diversity; its unique plant diversity; and as the name suggests, its black oak trees. Some of these trees are 150-200 years old. Black Oak Park is part of the Ojibway Prairie Complex and can be accessed via Broadway Boulevard. The park has a guided walking trail of about two kilometres, so it can be optimally used as a walk or for a short bike ride. Due to its rich vegetation, you can observe various species of animals, especially birds.

tallgrass sign

I also walked through Tallgrass Prairie-Heritage Park. There is a small lake/pond in the middle of this park and the loop trail takes about 30 minutes. After that I wanted to walk through Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, but did you know that there are rattlesnakes in this park? At least there was a warning at the beginning of the park entrance, so I changed my mind since I was alone and didn't walk through this park anymore. But don't let that stop you if you're braver than me!

A good starting point is the Ojibway Nature Center at 5200 Matchett Road.

Ojibway prairie provincial park sign

J.P Wiser's Experience Centre

Have you ever wondered how Canadian whiskey is made? What is the story behind it and which processes are used? Then I recommend John Philip (J.P.) Wiser’s Experience at Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery at 2072 Riverside Drive. J.P. Wiser was a Canadian distiller. You can learn more about him and the history of Canadian whiskey by taking a tour. The tour lasts about 75-90 minutes. We visited the distillery and our guide Gary explained the history and the process of production which is very interesting and understandable. Due to a whisky tasting afterwards, all participants must be at least 19 years old to legally drink alcohol in Ontario and to participate in this tour. Please also note the dress code that will be given to you when booking and be sure to follow it.

Tours are always conducted on weekends. Each group has a maximum of 15 participants, so be sure to secure your seats quickly as these tours are very popular https://www.jpwiserstour.ca/products/buy-tour-tickets.

Here you can easily take the bus and get off at the Wyandotte/Monmouth bus stop and from this bus stop, it is about another 5 minutes walk to the J.P. Wiser building

JP Wiser's container Container in which one of the J.P. Wiser's whiskey is produced 

Bar at JP Wiser'sThe counter at J.P. Wiser's experience with a small whiskey tasting.  Tasted the JP Wiser's Deluxe, JP Wiser's 15 Year, Pike Creek and Lot40

Ford City 

On a Sunday afternoon, we decided to explore more of Windsor.  For this we went by bus to the Ford City area which is located on Drouillard Road, in Windsor.  Ford City was founded by the Ford Motor Company in the early 1900s as a separate company town.  In and around Drouillard Road you will find various murals depicting the history of the area.  There are also several small local stores that are definitely worth a visit.  At the end of our excursion, we ordered dinner at "The Grand Cantina" at 1000 Drouillard Road, Windsor.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere is really unique there.  So, if you are also interested in automotive history, Ford City is definitely worth a visit. 

Food at the grand cantinaFood at the Grand Cantina

Sculptures and murals in ford city Sculptures and murals are dedicated to the generations of Canadians who helped put Windsor on the map and the world on wheels 

sign explanation of the history Explanation of the image (to the left)