Southwestern Ontario


Exploring Southwestern Ontario

In this blog entry, I'll tell you about my little discovery tour by car. We started at the University of Windsor and made our way to the small city of St. Thomas, Ontario for our first stop. We drove along County Road 46 and so I got to see some of the rural areas there. I'm actually a big fan of the different property styles and homes in Canada – so different from my home. St. Thomas is about 220 km east of Windsor and is known as the Railway City because no fewer than five railroads once met and had terminals there. Now, most of the railroads are gone, but there is still an excellent train museum in the town.

Once we got to St. Thomas, we went for a walk in the St. Thomas Elevated Park. The Michigan Central Railroad Kettle Creek Bridge was a railroad bridge that was converted into Canada's first Elevated Park. It is located on Centre Street, where there is also some parking available. It was perfect for a short walk to look at the area and admire the artwork at this bridge.

Our second stop was the small lakeside town of Port Stanley. On the way to Port Stanley, we stopped at "Shaw's Ice Cream - Dairy Bar" at 6598 Sunset Drive., (Front), in St. Thomas for ice cream. In Port Stanley you can spend a nice day on the beach, relaxing and checking out the cute little village. It looked like a perfect place for a weekend or even a day trip.

Sunshade at St. Thomas Elevated ParkKinsmen sun shade at St. Thomas Elevated Park

Railway rotary signRailway City Rotary at St. Thomas Elevated Park