Kingsville + Leamington

front of Carnegie arts and visitors centre kingsville

I have explored Leamington and Kingsville, the last two large towns in Essex County. It is quite possible to visit both towns in one day. It's a 45-minute drive from Windsor to Kingsville and about 15 minutes from Kingsville to Leamington. I personally liked Kingsville better than Leamington, but I would advise you to explore both places for yourself and make up your own mind!

My first stop in Kingsville was the “Kingsville Military Museum”. It was really interesting to learn more about the military past of Canada and Essex County. All the exhibits were in exceptionally good condition. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

After visiting the museum, I went to the Carnegie Arts and Visitors Centre. There is a tourist centre and an art gallery there. After that, I just walked around Kingsville and then I went to Lakeside Park, where I also had a little walk and enjoyed the beauty of the path overlooking Lake Erie.

A few days later, someone told me that Colasanti's Tropical Gardens at 1550 County Road 3 East near Kingsville, is a very nice place to spend a day. Colasanti's Tropical Gardens has a lot to offer, such as a zoo and a petting zoo, mini golf, an arcade and also a garden centre. I would say it's something for the young and old. I haven't tried it myself, but I definitely regret it and I wish that I had heard about it before. So, if you are interested in something like this, you should check it out.

After Kingsville, I drove to Leamington. There I visited the Leamington Arts Centre (LAC). It was a really small art gallery, but very nice. I also walked around Leamington and enjoyed the good weather and the beautiful town.

You could also combine these two towns with a trip to Point Pelee or Pelee Island. Point Pelee is a national park close to Leamington or you can take the ferry from Kingsville to Pelee Island. But I will talk about that in another blog post where you can find more information about Point Pelee.

life's letter exhibition at LAC by carly butler"Life's Letters" is an exhibition at the LAC.  Local author, Carly Butler Verheyen was inspired by her grandparents' love story 

stonebridge in kingsville Stonebridge at Lakeside Park in Kingsville 

LAC signage Leamington Art Centre (LAC)


Lakeside park explanation about riparian buffer project

Lakeside Park and the explanation of what the Riparian Buffer Project is about