Carousel of Nations

Food and beer in hand

Finally, the "Carousel of the Nations" festival has taken place again. The Carousel of the Nations is a festival in Windsor that offers visitors and residents a glimpse of a great variety of different cultures and traditions and international cultures. It really is like a trip around the world! The festival lasts two weeks and different “villages” are built in several locations around the city of Windsor. Note that they are only open on the weekends.

On the first weekend from June 17 to June 19, there was the Bavarian Village; Caribbean Village; Greek Village; Mexican Village; Polish Village; Scottish Village; Serbian Village; African Village and Hungarian Village.

On the second weekend from June 24 to June 26, the Filipino Village, a German Village; a Chinese Village; Via Italia Village and a Lebanese Village were added on Saturday, June 25.

I personally visited only two Villages. One was the Bavarian Village and the other one was the Scottish Village. I had to see the Bavarian Village because I am from Bavaria myself. This took place in the Windsor Banquet Centre in 1367 Drouillard Rd. There you could try typical Bavarian dishes such as obazda; schnitzel; potato salad; bratwurst or currywurst and much more. We visited the neighbourhood on Friday the 24th of June and during our stay, the "Harmony Band" performed in the evening.

menu from carousel of nations

On Saturday, June 25th I went to the Scottish Village at the Scottish Club of Windsor at 1340 Tecumseh Road East.  There I watched the dance performance of the "Royal Scottish Country Dancers".  This was very exciting and interesting to watch.  There were also various Scottish delicacies and beverages.  Both Villages have inspired me very much.