VibroWind Capstone Team took part in the World Expo 2017 Future Energy Competition

Congratulations to the VibroWind Capstone Team, from the MAME Department, who took part in the World Expo 2017 Future Energy competition!

Out of 17 teams , the VibroWind was ranked in the top 10 in North America and was invited to participate in the final competition in Washington DC. After the final round the VibroWind team is ranked 4th overall. They did not win the $50,000 prize but they were offered a booth at the World Expo 2017. The team ranked before us are from Brown, MIT and George Washington Universities.

The formal announcement of the results in the press will be on May 6. 

The Capstone VibroWind Team members are: Kharuna Ramrukheea, Kevin Curridor, Spandan Thaker, Ravinder Singh Gill, Michael Otu, Fangshi Yin and Joey Hui

Their faculty supervisor is Dr. Vesselin Stoilov.