University of Windsor - Fiat Chrysler Canada Automotive Research and Development Centre

Twenty years ago, a first-of-its kind partnership was forged between the automotive industry and academia. Dedicated to research development and education, the University of Windsor - Fiat Chrysler Canada Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC) opened in May 1996 with a $30 million (CDN) investment.

ARDC is a crown jewel within FCA Global Engineering and has a direct role in the product design and engineering of nearly every product in the company‚Äôs portfolio. The facility also nurtures a highly skilled labour pool of student engineers. More than 500 students have passed through the facility, exposed to a hands-on industrial experience in automotive innovation while working with industry experts.

As ARDC and FCA Canada have grown together, so has the link between education, research and manufacturing. With a total research and development spend in Canada now exceeding $1 billion, the ARDC benefits all partners. The facility is equipped with six road-test simulators, proprietary software development and a range of research and development support facilities.  

Research Areas

  • Vehicle and System Level Durability
  • Emissions and Fuel Economy
  • Elastomer Characterization
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Automotive Lighting Research
  • Steering Column and Component Development
  • Steering System Durability Testing
  • Design Engineering including Computer Aided Engineering
  • Automotive Recycling Research
  • Automotive Coatings Research
  • Vehicle Safety 
  • Advanced Digital Tools
  • Automotive Corrosion Research

Engineering Research Laboratories

The Centre is located at 3939 Rhodes Drive in Windsor, Ontario.