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WINONE Tutorials

WINONE Tutorials poster.

WINONE Tutorials offer free one-on-one help with course content from senior engineering students. Peer tutors provide support with first and second-year Engineering course material.


Third and fourth-year students who excelled in first and second-year courses are encouraged to apply. Tutors will receive a $1,000 award. WINONE will select approximately ten students to mentor and tutor junior students during weekly tutorials and exam prep sessions. 

Summer 2020 Application Process Closed


Registration is not required. Please see below for a list of drop-in hours. 


The summer schedule will be posted shortly. 

Changes due to COVID-19

WINONE Tutorials will now be offered online in a Virtual Tutorial Classroom, accessed through a menu link called “WINONE Tutorials - Online Support" on Blackboard. There is also a discussion board with course-specific threads where students can ask questions as well as a WINONE forum for general questions for the First-Year Engineering Office.

For more information, email and include the courses you'd like help with.

Room 1161 in the Engineering Student Support Services Centre
Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation