Dr. Abimbola Grace Oyeyi

Dr. Abdul-Fattah AsfourAssistant Professor
519-253-3000 ext. 5860
Office: 3066 CEI


  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • M.Sc (Eng) Transportation Planning and Engineering, University of Leeds, UK
  • B.Sc. Quantity Surveying, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria 


  • Pavement engineering and management
  • Sustainable transportation planning and development
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Climate change impacts and pavement resilience/durability
  • Smart pavement materials and structures 

Selected Publications

  • Oyeyi Abimbola Grace, Khan Adnan, Zhang Weiguang, Ju Huyan, Frank Mi-Way Ni, Tighe, Susan.  (2024).  Ensemble and Evolutionary Prediction of Layers Temperature in Conventional and Lightweight Cellular Concrete Subbase Pavements.  International Journal of Pavement Engineering. 

  • Oyeyi, Abimbola Grace, Achebe, Jessica, Ni Frank Mi-Way and Tighe, Susan. (2023). Life cycle assessment of lightweight cellular concrete subbase pavements in Canada.  International Journal of Pavement Engineering. 24(1): 2168662. 
  • Oyeyi, Abimbola Grace, Ni, Frank Mi-Way, Tighe, Susan. (2023). In-situ structural analysis of lightweight cellular concrete subbase flexible pavements.  Road Materials and Pavement Design. 1-17. 
  • Oyeyi, Abimbola Grace, Badewa, Emmanuel Adedamola, Ni, Frank M-Way and Tighe, Susan. (2023). Field study on thermal behavior of lightweight cellular concrete as pavement subgrade protection in cold regions. Cold Regions Science and Technology

  • Ni, Frank Mi-Way, Oyeyi, Abimbola Grace, Tighe, Susan. (2022)/ Structural capacity evaluation of lightweight cellular concrete for flexible pavement subbase.  Road Materials and Pavement Design. 23(12): 2781-2797.

  • Al-Bayati, Hanaa Khaleel Alwan, Oyeyi, Abimbola Grace and Tighe, Susan L. (2020). Experimental assessment of mineral filler on the volumetric properties and mechanical performance of HMA mixtures.  Civil Engineering Journal. 6(12): 2312-31.