Dr. Jerald Lalman

519-253-3000 ext. 2519
Office: 3063 CEI


  • Ph.D, Environmental Engineering, University of Toronto
  • M.Eng, Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • B.A.Sc, Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • B.S.c, Chemistry, University of Toronto

Research Interests

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Biomass conversion to value added products
  • Upgrading low value chemicals
  • Lignin extraction
  • Nano photocatalysts for pollutant destruction and energy production

Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)
  • State of Maine Board of Professional Engineers 
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE)
  • Water Environment Federation (WEF)
  • Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO)

Selected Publications

  • Veeravalli, S.S., Shanmugam, S.R., Ray, R., Lalman, J.A., Biswas, N. 2017. Biohydrogen production from renewable resources: Current and future prospects. In Handbook of Biotechnology for Renewable Fuels: Technology Assessments, Emerging Industrial Applications, and Future Outlooks. Majid Hosseini (ed.), Elsevier.
  • Lalman J.A., Shewa, W.A., Gallagher, J., Ravella, S.  2017. Biomass and Bioenergy In Quality living through chemurgy and green chemistry, Lau, P.C.K (ed) Springer.
  • Prakasam, V., Bagh, F., Ray, S., Fifield, M., Porter, L., Lalman, J.A. 2017. The role of biocathodes In Microbial fuel cell: A bioelectrochemical system that converts waste to watts, Das, D. (ed), Capital Publishing Company, India and Springer, Switzerland.
  • Pendyala, B., Chaganti, S.R., Lalman, J.A., Heath, D.D., Shanmugam, S.R., Veeravalli, S.S., 2013. Using a food and paper-cardboard waste blend as a novel feedstock for hydrogen production: Influence of key process parameters on microbial diversity. Int J Hydrogen Energy, 38(15), 6357–6367.
  • Ray, S., Lalman J.A. 2010. Statistical modeling and optimization of photocatalytic degradation of phenolic contaminants using titanium dioxide nano-particles: A case study on p-cresol. In Water Production and Wastewater Treatment, B. Antizar-Ladislao and R. Sheikholeslami (Editors), Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Pages 179-196.