Dr. Abdul-Fattah Asfour

Dr. Abdul-Fattah AsfourProfessor
519-253-3000 ext. 2514
Office: 3073 CEI


  • BSc (Hons.), MASc (Alexandria), PhD (Waterloo), PEng


  • Transport processes in non-electrolyte solutions in membranes
  • Viscometric properties of lubricating oil

Selected Publications

  • Nhaesi, A. and Asfour A. A. (2000),  "Predictive Models for the Viscosities of Multi-Component Liquid n-alkane and Regular Solutions", The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 78, 355-362.
  • Nhaesi, A. and Asfour A. A. (2000), "Prediction of the Viscosity of Multi-Component Liquid Mixtures:  A Generalized McAllister Three-body Interaction Model,"  Chemical Engineering Science, August 2000.
  • Nhaesi, A. and Asfour A. A. (1998), "Prediction of the McAllister Model Parameters from Pure Components Properties of Regular Binary Liquid Mixtures,"  Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research, 37 (12), 4893-4897.