Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Centre

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Centre

  • Provides an advanced research environment conducive to research excellence and innovation

  • Develops new products, innovative manufacturing systems, and processes

  • Conducts research in design, planning, control,    and scheduling of automated, flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systems, smart manufacturing and enablers of Industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution)

  • Engages in projects with industry, centres of research excellence, as well as international collaborations and exchanges

  • Implemented the “iFactory” modular, reconfigurable and changeable manufacturing system, a first in North America

  • Developed the iDesign Studio for innovation, collaboration, modeling, simulation for integrated products and systems development 

  • Possesses Digital Metrology facilities including mechanical coordinates measurement machine used in inspection, quality verifications by digitizing, forming 3D digital models and comparing with design specifications

  • Has Rapid Prototyping facilities using a 3D printing fused deposition machine and software used in physical prototyping of CAD models and digitized components

  • Conducts research and development in all stages of innovation chain from products and systems design to prototyping and realization

  • Engages in the transfer of knowledge generated through research to industry

To get involved with the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Centre

Contact: Dr. Hoda ElMaraghy
Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 5034

Visit the IMSC website for more information.