STEP Disruptive Technologies Research Lab

STEP Disruptive Technologies Research Lab

Systems and Resilience Engineering Research Lab

  • Investigates the properties and functioning of systems through systems engineering, resilience engineering, and the systems of systems.

  • Conducts research on risk assessment and mitigation for complex, adaptive, and dynamic systems

  • Examines the Socio-Technical-Economic-Political (STEP) implications of disruptive technologies.

  • Conducts research into the design, analysis, and implications of developing technologies on manufacturing, energy, and engineering systems.

  • Investigates the technological changes and disruptions that are needed to achieve the vision of Smart Cities, Sustainability, and Resilient Systems. This includes looking at the needed developments in connectivity, artificial intelligence, automation, autonomous systems, and the implications of these developments.¬†

  • Conducts research into engineering entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, intrapreneurship, and management and how these can be better integrated into engineering practice and education.¬†

  • Participates in the development and implications of technical and international engineering codes and standards for autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

  • Collaborates with industry and international scholars.

  • Uses Text Data Analytics on unstructured data.

To get involved with the Systems and Resilience Engineering Research Lab

Contact: Dr. Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech
Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 5937