Structural Engineering Testing Lab

Structural Engineering Testing Lab

  • One of the largest structural engineering labs in Canada

  • Total area of the lab is about 700 m2 

  • Total strong floor area is about 600 m2  for applying tension and/or compression gravity load

  • Two strong walls equipped with high capacity (2000 kN) and large stroke (30 inches) MTS loading actuator and other loading cylinders, at right angles for application of tension and/or compression lateral loads

  • Each strong wall is 11 m tall and 5.7 m long

  • Ceiling height is about 14 m

  • A 20-ton capacity overhead crane

  • A 5-ton capacity forklift 

  • Two access doors for easy entry and easy exit of large flatbed and transport trucks

  • Outside fenced storage area of 100 m2

  • Large loading frame for testing large structural specimens like bridge deck, beam, wall etc.

  • Medium loading frame which can apply 4000  kN compression and 3000 kN tension load and also 1000 kN lateral load

  • Small loading frame for testing medium structural testing specimens 

  • MTS made fatigue testing actuator

  • Loading jacks with various capacities

  • Several MTS made stand-alone universal material testing loading systems

  • Various pressure and other testing equipment for structural testing of oil and gas pipes

  • Muti-degree of freedom MTS control system 

  • Suite of three high performance 50 kN MTS dynamic actuators 

To get involved with the Structural Engineering Testing Lab

Contact: Dr. Sreekanta Das
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 2507

Visit for more information.

Contact: Dr. Niel Van Englen
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 2509